Appliances are becoming more intricate year after year with some models even housing mini computers able to relay information straight to your smart phone.  With all of these new additional functions, there is a greater demand for die cut parts than ever before.

  • Die cut VHB Adhesives can replace the need for screws
  • Die cut adhesives can be used to combine the layers of a membrane switch.
  • A die cut foam gasket can be used to reduce vibration between joining components.
  • A die cut neoprene rubber gasket can be used to seal a connection.

The variations of material and sizes that die cutting can provide offers a lot of solutions to the appliance market. Thrust can meet all of these solutions. We have experience and access to a wide variety of materials for multiple types of applications. So whether it is a foam gasket for a refrigerator, or a rubber gasket for a dishwasher or an adhesive layer for a touch screen for a washing machine, Thrust can meet your die cutting needs. To request a quote on your specific project, click here to submit your quote.

Die cut in the appliance industry