3M™ Bumpon™ Tape

3M™ Bumpon™ Resilient Roll stock products are used to provide surface protection in a wide range of interior applications. Thrust die cuts 3m Bumpon tape materials for use as skid-resistant feet on handheld or desktop computers, calculators, electric housewares, electronic equipment, desk top items and medical devices. Bumpon tape products are opaque, colored polyurethane materials produced with aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesives.


  • Can be die cut to a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Excellent skid-resistance, high coefficient of friction
  • Excellent resistance to marring or staining *
  • Long aging resiliency – will not crack or harden *
  • Excellent cushioning properties
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Vibration and shock dampening
  • Easy application – pressure-sensitive backing

*Resulting from a urethane composition

Application Ideas

  • Die cut for gaskets
  • Cushions or spacers within electronic devices
  • Selective masking for sandblast operations
  • Spacer or stop to prevent surface damage
  • Anti-rattle spacer to fill gaps, dampen noise and reduce vibration
  • Door kick pads
  • Corner protection strips
  • Roll covering for textile industry and other web feed machinery
  • Die cut cushioning stop for cabinetry

Custom Converting and Die Cutting of 3M Bumpon Tape

Thrust is a 3M authorized converter that is able to provide Bumpon protective tape in a variety of custom sizes, pieces, and die-cut shapes. Our team has the expertise to match 3M technologies to customer requirements with the form, fit and functionality needed for the application.

3M Bumpon kiss cut tape

3M Bumpon Tape