In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the industrial age and factory production began to shape a new era of manufacturing. It was during this time that industrial die cutting was developed, as manufacturers needed to economically produce uniform component parts to produce their products. Since that time, the benefits of die cutting have been applied to a host of industries, and the need for the die cutting of a broad range of material has been widespread. Thrust has taken answering that need to a whole new level with precision industrial die cutting services.

Die Cut Foam

Thrust provides a multitude of foam die cut components to a variety of industries. We offer full laminating capabilities, to bring you the die cut foam components you need. Learn more about our foam die cutting services

Die Cut Rubber

Looking for a complete source for your die cut rubber needs? Thrust has the expertise and equipment, providing rubber die cutting services, including lamination capabilities, to meet your requirements.

Die Cut Plastic

With extensive experience in die cutting plastic components, you can trust your die cut plastic needs to Thrust. We will meet the specifications you need with our plastic die cutting services and full laminating capabilities

Die Cut Fishpaper

Thrust provides a large range of fishpaper die cut options. Fishpaper is a laminated plastic that is highly flexible and has many electrical insulation properties. For 35 years we have been perfecting our fishpaper die cutting and application.

Die Cut Polycarbonate Film

With years of experience of die cutting high durability and flexible plastics, Thrust is a leader in die cut polycarbonate film. Using lexan sheets and valix FR1, we cut pieces with excellent clarity that are impact resistant.

Die Cut 3M Adhesives

Thrust is your 3M specialist for custom die cut adhesive components. 3M invests in their customers’ success by listening and finding ingenious solutions. When their customers succeed, everyone succeeds. 3m adhesive comes in a vast amount of configurations.

Vulcanized Fiber

With many similarities to fishpaper, vulcanized fiber is another strong, laminated plastic that is excellent for die cutting. Using this material will allow flexibility without compromising the strength of your product. Thrust, is proud to offer extensive experience die cutting vulcanized fiber.