Waterjet Cutting

A cost-effective no-die converting option, waterjet cutting is a process that produces two dimensional shapes by cutting sheet material using a high pressure stream of water mixed with garnet abrasive. Unlike laser, waterjet can cut virtually any material regardless of the surface quality. Waterjet cutting is ideal for cutting thick foam, plastic, rubber or anything that is heat sensitive.

Thrust is able to cut custom shapes and components with an unsurpassed level of accuracy and reliability with our precision Mitsubishi waterjet cutting system. The system’s water jets are pressurized up to 50,000 to 60,000 psi and travel over 2.5 times the speed of sound. The stream is released through a precision orifice as small as 0.003 inches in diameter, and quickly cuts through a wide range of materials with accuracy to fit the tightest tolerances.

Waterjet Cutting Advantages

  • Precise accuracy and repeatability
  • Ability to cut thick materials
  • Ability to cut plastics and high durometer materials
  • Increased efficiency with no tooling costs
  • Faster turnaround

If you are in need of waterjet cutting services we are ready to meet your project needs. We always have a vast number of materials in stock and use our state of the art Waterjet Cutting Machine to produce the highest quality product. We know that our customers have specific needs and ideas, so we are consistently adapting and growing to complete each project. We work with manufacturers, developers, retail chains, inventors, and more. We would love to work with you too.

Waterjet Cutting