Die Cut Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Thrust Industries produces die cut adhesives for a wide range of applications and industries, including pressure sensitive adhesives. Thrust is an authorized specialty converter of 3M laminating adhesives. We stock a wide variety of pressure sensitive adhesives to meet your specific needs.

Pressure sensitive adhesives offer a superior alternative to rivets or screws because they result in a sleeker finished look as well as a stronger bond, with evenly distributed tension. While welds and rivets become brittle, die cut adhesives expand and contract in extreme temperatures.

Wide Range of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Thrust works with a wide range of materials and bonding adhesives to provide the perfect solution for your die cut pressure sensitive adhesives application. Our custom laminating capabilities allow us to apply pressure sensitive adhesive to multiple die-cut substances in specific areas to meet your exact specifications. You can rely on Thrust’s precision equipment and production processes to provide accurate die cut pressure sensitive adhesive components.

Thrust Industries offers pressure sensitive adhesive components with the benefits of:

  • Manufacturing costs decreased
  • Less to worry about with time to focus on other production areas
  • Delivery of ready to use parts
  • No rework and scrap costs
  • 100% usable die cut adhesive parts
  • No large order production bottlenecks
  • Die re-ruling cost savings
  • Maintenance and equipment costs reduced
  • A reliable supply of stock materials

Thrust will meet your particular specifications cost-efficiently. In many cases, we can use material off cuts to further decrease your part costs. Our quick quote response time provides accurate pricing information for your pressure sensitive adhesive die cutting requirements. Our team will also help in the design stages of your project, making suggestions that help in the fabrication and streamline assembly at your facility.

Thrust can provide either full or selective coverage of pressure sensitive adhesive. Sample adhesives are available upon request to assist you in determining what material is best suited to your application.

Contact us for a sample or a quote on your pressure sensitive adhesive requirements.


Die Cut 3M VHB double sided tape

Die Cut 3M VHB Pressure Sensitive Adhesives3M VHB Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Die Cut VHB Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

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