Smart phones, fax machines and computers are everywhere. Communications have evolved tremendously over the last decade.  These new and updated inventions come with the need for die cut components and luckily, Thrust has been in the telecommunications industry for years. Some of our telecommunication projects have been:

  • Producing die cut faceplates for land line phones from lexan.
  • Producing die cut foam dampeners for a phone headset to reduce the echo sound created from the cavity.
  • Producing die cut foam that sat in the bottom of a printer to catch excess print that might drip from an ink cartridge.

As phones travelled from land lines to cellular phones, there has been an increase in the need for adhesives to keep components together.  The adhesive can keep layers attached with minimal space required allowing for thinner designs.

Thrust can meet all of these die cut needs and more.  So whether it is a die cut lexan, die cut adhesive or die cut foam or any other die cut material, Thrust has a history of meeting your needs. To request a quote on your specific project, click here to submit your quote via email. We may also be contacted by phone, US mail and fax machine.  Who knows? You may be using a die cut part to get a hold of us.

die cut in the telecommunications industry