Enhancing Medical Product Manufacturing Through Quality Die Cutting Services

Precision and reliability are essential in medical product manufacturing. Every component, from complex devices to simple packaging, plays a role in ensuring the safety and efficacy of medical products. Among the processes involved, die cutting stands out as a cornerstone for achieving consistent quality and efficiency. Accuracy and Consistency Die cutting is a process that … Continued

Enhancing Safety Measures: 4 Practical Applications for 3M Safety Walk Tapes

In industrial and commercial settings, maintaining a secure and accident-free environment is a must. When considering workplace injuries, most people think of cases involving machinery and equipment. Actually, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2021 – 2022, DAFW (days away form work) cases involving falls, slips, and trips were 450,540. Fortunately, there … Continued

Seven of the Most Popular Die Cut Materials Used in Manufacturing

Precision and efficiency are essential in manufacturing. Die cutting is a reliable and cost effective method for producing custom cut materials for a wide range of applications. Die cutting has proven to be an invaluable technique, enabling the mass production of intricate parts. The choice of die material plays a crucial role in determining the … Continued

3 Reasons Why High Volume Applications Benefit from Die Cut Tapes

Your profitability depends on the productivity and efficiency of your operation. This is especially true if you are dealing with high volume applications. Finding ways to streamline your processes and reduce production times can make a significant difference in the bottom line of your business. When it comes to productivity and efficiency in high volume … Continued

The Importance of Precision in Custom Die Cutting for Manufacturing

Precision in every step of the production process is essential for delivering high-quality products that meet customer needs and expectations. Many of today’s products and assemblies include die cut components, which add detail and functionality to the final product. Precision in custom die cut parts is particularly critical for the proper design and performance of … Continued

Creating a Safe Workplace with Anti-Slip Tape

Whether it’s an office, a warehouse, or a factory floor, safety should always be a top priority in any workplace. OSHA recently reported that over 1,000 workers die each year as a result of a slip, trip or fall, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Preventing slips, trips, and falls is essential for maintaining … Continued

5 Surprising Products That Use Anti-Slip Tape

In daily life, people encounter numerous situations where safety and stability are at risk. From the home, to the workplace, to recreational activities, the risk of slips and falls are everywhere. It is important for manufacturers of products associated with these risks to mitigate potential dangers. A highly effective way to do this is by … Continued

Seven Versatile Uses of Die Cut Tape

Manufacturers across a wide range of industries are discovering the benefits of using adhesive tapes to improve production efficiency and product quality. Adhesive tapes with application specific attributes such as heat or water resistance can provide a superior option to other fastening methods. Using precision die cutting processes, tapes can be supplied ready-to-use for quick … Continued

Thrust Invests in Preco Jumbo Roll Laser Processing Machine

Thrust Industries is excited to announce the addition of a new piece of equipment to our production line that will expand on the die cutting services we offer to our customers. Part of Preco’s Wide WebPro Series, the Jumbo Roll Laser Processing Machine is our new large laser cutter, which will be in operation in … Continued

Thrust Industries Announces Updated and Redesigned Website

Thrust Industries is proud to present our recently updated and redesigned website. The improved Thrust website features new and expanded information on our comprehensive line of die cutting products and capabilities. Information on our die cut materials and die cutting services is presented in an easy-to-navigate format. The new site is designed to be mobile-friendly … Continued