Thrust Industries is a trusted supplier of die cut products for a wide range of clients in the electronics industry. We work directly with our clients in the electronics market to develop custom solutions that meet specific needs and requirements.

We serve the electronics marketplace with precision die cut parts of a variety of vulcanized fibers for the insulation of electronic components. From fish paper, to the FR series of films, to working with manufactures of appliances. Thrust will do what it takes to meet the needs of your company in all of these areas including pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) used for fastening a part to the end use product, available for all electronic die cut parts.

Thrust Industries is a 3M preferred convertor and ISO certified. We are known as a go-to source for electronic die cut components, offering excellent service and on-time delivery. Our customers in all industries, including the electronics industry, consider us an extension of their own business because we are always available to meet their die cutting needs.

EMI Shielding

Thrust Industries offers electromagnetic interference (EMI) solutions developed from a variety of materials, depending on your particular application. Thrust Industries offers a full line of aluminum/polyester and copper/polyester, as well as foils and laminates for use in EMI shielding.

EMI shielding is an important factor in the design of electronic components and systems:

  • Enclosures and Packaging – EMI shielding isolates loud or sensitive circuitry and components
  • Filtering Input and Output – EMI shielding suppresses power and signal line interference
  • Connectors and Cables – EMI shielding for cables connecting assemblies

All of Thrust’s EMI shielding products are available with electrically sensitive adhesive. Samples are available upon request to help you determine which material is best suited to your specific application. Thrusts ability to custom laminate to any substrate with both full coverage and selective adhesive makes us number 1 in the die cutting industry for shielding material.

Contact Us for a sample or a quote on your EMI shielding requirements.

Die cut in the electronics industry

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