3M™ Reflective Tape

Thrust Industries is your source for 3M™ Scotchlite and Scotchcal reflective tape that is available in custom colors and die cut into custom shapes. This 3M reflective tape is ideally suited for applications in which low light or night-time light reflectivity is needed to increase visibility.

When light meets 3M reflective tape, it immediately reflects back toward a light source, such as headlights, instantly identifying objects ahead. Highly versatile, this tape works on a variety of surfaces, and is ideal for automobiles, trailers, RVs, watercraft, and bicycles, as well as stationary objects such as driveways, mailboxes, fences, posts, walls, and rails. Since it conforms to contoured and curved surfaces, this reflective tape can also be applied on clothing and wearable gear such as helmets, to improve personal safety with enhanced night time reflective brightness.

3M™ Scotchlite and ScotchCal

3M Scotchlite and Scotchcal reflective tape features a pressure-sensitive adhesive that adheres to clean, smooth surfaces such as metal, glass, smooth wood, or painted surfaces. It provides a weather-resistant adhesive bond that is suitable for exterior applications. Proper adhesion occurs at any temperature above 50°F/10°C.

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3M Reflective Tape

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3M Reflective Warning Tape