Seven Versatile Uses of Die Cut Tape

Die Cut 3M VHB

Manufacturers across a wide range of industries are discovering the benefits of using adhesive tapes to improve production efficiency and product quality. Adhesive tapes with application specific attributes such as heat or water resistance can provide a superior option to other fastening methods. Using precision die cutting processes, tapes can be supplied ready-to-use for quick and efficient application.

Die cut tape has a wide range of applications because of its ability to conform to irregular surfaces and its strong adhesive properties. In this post, we will look at seven versatile ways that die cut tapes are used in manufacturing industries.

  1. Manufacturing Assemblies: Die cut tape is used in product assembly to bond two or more parts together as an alternative to glue or metal fasteners. Adhesive materials with liners or pull tabs can greatly reduce time spent on the assembly line and reduce the number of parts needed in the assembly process. Tapes custom cut to fit assembly components also provides a cleaner finish.
  2. Packaging: Die cut tape is widely used in packaging applications to seal and secure product cartons, boxes, mailers, and more. Die cut tape provides a durable seal that protects the contents of the package from damage during transportation.
  3. Medical Products: Die cut tape is used with a variety of medical grade materials to create products that secure dressings, catheters, and other medical devices in place. It is also used for low-profile fastening medical product and device assemblies. Die cut tape can be developed from adhesives that provide a strong, reliable bond that allows for safe and comfortable removal from skin. 
  4. Electronics: Die cut tape is used in the electronics industry for a variety of applications, including attaching components to printed circuit boards, securing batteries, and bonding displays to devices. Die cut tape provides a dependable bond that can withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations. Custom die cutting of the tape allows for precise application.
  5. Automotive: Die cut tape is used in the automotive industry for component assemblies, attaching emblems, securing weatherstripping, and bonding interior trim components. Die cut tape is preferred over traditional fastening methods because it provides a cleaner finish, reduces the assembly components, and helps achieve lightweighting goals.
  6. Aerospace: Die cut tape is a preferred alternative to mechanical fasteners in the aerospace industry for the same reasons it is used in auto manufacturing. Lightweight assemblies and components are especially important for aircraft. Tape is ideal for attaching insulation, securing panels, and more. Die cut tape provides a dependable bond that can withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations.
  7. Construction: Die cut tape is widely used in the construction industry for attaching insulation, securing weatherstripping, bonding building panels, and similar applications. Die cut tape provides a quick and efficient alternative to mechanical fasteners, which require specialized tools and training to apply. Unlike metal screws and staples, adhesive tape products for construction are resistant to moisture and will not rust.

Thrust offers die cut 3M™ tape technologies custom converted to meet the needs of your application. Your tapes are developed with the precise form, fit, and flexibility you need for your project. As a 3M specialist, we have the equipment and capabilities to precision cut a wide range of 3M tapes, which are engineered to meet your specifications and manufacturing requirements.

We deliver the quality die cut tapes you need when you need them, working with you on JIT projects to reduce your inventory carrying costs. Contact us to learn more.

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