Thrust Invests in Preco Jumbo Roll Laser Processing Machine

Thrust Industries is excited to announce the addition of a new piece of equipment to our production line that will expand on the die cutting services we offer to our customers. Part of Preco’s Wide WebPro Series, the Jumbo Roll Laser Processing Machine is our new large laser cutter, which will be in operation in the Spring of 2023. This new machine will be used for laser cutting roll stock materials (roll to roll), expanding our cutting capabilities, and not replacing any of our existing machines. 

Jumbo roll laser processing machine

The Jumbo Roll Laser Processing Machine is a mass production laser system for roll-to-roll part processing. This large, turnkey system will be ideal for Thrust’s high production requirements. 

The system features a control system that operates in a user-friendly Windows® environment, allowing both cross-web and simple shape processing. This approach allows for changeovers that are as simple and do not require the need of costly tooling.

Ideal Applications

Loose Discs

Disc Rolls

Hook & Loop

Stick-On Discs

Tabbed Discs

Compatible Materials





Hook & Loop


System Capabilities

Laser Cutting

Laser Marking/Etching 

Laser Kiss-Cutting

Laser Perforating

Laser Slitting

This exciting acquisition reflects our ongoing commitment to invest in the industry’s best technologies to better serve our customers. Thrust serves customers worldwide in the telecommunications, electronics, automotive, appliance and computer industries. Specializing in providing parts that call for minimum tolerances on critical dimensions, Thrust Industries is the trusted source for custom precision die cutting requirements. Contact us to discuss your project.

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