What Our Customers Say

“Everything arrived and is just what we need.  I want to thank you for the fast service and great job. I will definitely be in touch in the future.”
Tom W.
Williams & Williams
“Everything has worked great! I will let you know when I need more done.”
Chris W.
DC Group
“You were very quick at getting the quote back to us. That’s something that I like!”
Jan M.
“Very satisfied.  Customer service, ability to perform quick turn, urgent requests is key. Keep up the great work!”
Denise D.
“We are very satisfied.  Great product and it is working well for us.”
Michael G.
Atonometrics, Inc.
“We are satisfied with Thrust’s commitment to our needs and have no suggestions at this time to drive further improvement.”
Steve C.
“We are very satisfied with both quality and service provided by Thrust.”
Jerry M.
McFarland Co.
“I always enjoy excellent service and support from you and your team. Thrust Industries are one of the most reliable and the best company I ever work with. They are superb in all areas.”
Aaron S.
“They are working well, thanks!”
Terry O.
Realm Five
“You all have been great to work with!!”
Sheila S.
Industrial Filter Mfrs.
“Complete satisfied with speed and quality of work.”
Dorothy M.
“Thrust was a great company to do business with.”
Kimberly L.
“Great service.  Much appreciated.”
Joe S.
Torsion Group Corp.
“Customer service is excellent.”
Voleth W.
Amphenol Technical Products Int’l
“Very satisfied, you guys do a great job!”
Jim R.
Barry & Sewall