Vulcanized fiber and fishpaper are laminated plastics composed of cellulose. The material is a strong, resilient, hornlike substance, which is

  • lighter than aluminum
  • sturdier than leather
  • more rigid than most thermoplastics

Vulcanized fiber has the appearance of gray/green cardboard, but is much tougher and has tremendous electrical insulation properties. It offers high tear and tensile strength. Thinner varieties of vulcanized fiber allow for the flexibility to conform to curves and bends. In thicker versions, it can be molded to shape with steam and pressure. The physical strength of vulcanized fiber allows it to be used for applications such as heavy sanding discs.

Features include:

  • Vulcanized fiber has high electrical insulating value
  • Arc and track resistance in vulcanized fiber with service temperatures of up to 110 to 120°C
  • Vulcanized fiber shows high resistance to penetration by most organic solvents, oils, and petroleum derivatives

Thrust has serviced the die cut market for vulcanized fiber and fishpaper for 35 years, and is very knowledgeable about the use and processing of these products.
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